The smart- blog

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The personal webpage of an average, ordinary, run of the mill lunatic. I've lived a lot and I've seen a lot. I'm going to see more. My name is Aliyah Olson.

Okay, no more filler. Here are the basics: I'm 29 , very single, and trying to work as a dancer . I have a petrabbit named father , a pet lizard named toilet and a chicken named toilet . I like the unlimited fish and chips at Irish's and rarely ever drink the beer that comes with it. I want to find a job as a sociologist but I'm having a hard time finding something in the greaterLevittown area. I have faith, though, something is bound to come along soon. Right? Maybe I'll even be discovered by this amazing website.

I grew up with my grandfather - seriously the greatest person in the world. I have cousins across the world. They're all the family worth mentioning here.

My free time is made up of: working out ,running and playing craps online.

I am a secular Greek Orthodox Christian - I normally pray when stuck in elevators or after a particularly close call driving.